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Associate Membership Examination in Civil Engineering

Associate Membership Examination in Civil Engineering


Qualification              :-         10+2 (PCM)
Duration                     : -        4 Year 6 Months (After Diploma 3 Year)



Subject Code

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

AC 1.1

Advanced Strength of Materials

AC 1.2

Computer Programming and Numerical Methods

AC 1.3

Foundation Engineering

AC 1.4

Reinforced Concrete Structures & Advanced Concrete Technology

AC 1.5

Design of Steel Structures

AC 1.6




Subject Code

Applied Hydraulics & Fluid Machines

BC 2.1

Machine Foundations

BC 2.2

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design

BC 2.3

Optimization in Structural Design

BC 2.4

Environmental Engineering

BC 2.5

 Elective Subjects – Any Five Subjects from the Following Groups

 Group I –Building Construction

Advanced Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures

BCO 3.1

Advanced Design of Steel Structures

BCO 3.2

Prestressed Concrete Structures

BCO 3.3

Analysis and Design of Plate and Shell Structures

BCO 3.4

Design of Tall Buildings

BCO 3.5

Prefabricated Concrete Structures

BCO 3.6

Building Science

BCO 3.7

 Group II – Highway Engineering

Road Transport Management

BCO 3.8

Traffic Engineering

BCO 3.9

Highways and Railways Engineering

BCO 3.10

Airports, Docks & Harbours

BCO 3.11

Bridge Engineering

BCO 3.12

Design of Foundation Structures

BCO 3.13

 Group III – Environmental Engineering

Pollution & Control Engineering

BCO 3.14

Unit Processes in Environmental Engineering

BCO 3.15

Industrial Waste Treatment & Disposal

BCO 3.16

Environmental Engineering Structures

BCO 3.17

Sanitary Engineering

BCO 3.18

Environmental Assessment Methodologies

BCO 3.19

 Group IV – Irrigation & Drainage Engineering

Irrigation Engineering

BCO 3.20

Ground Water Hydrology

BCO 3.21

Operation & Maintenance of Irrigation Structures (Hydraulic Structures)

BCO 3.22

Design & Drawing (Irrigation & Environmental Engineering)

BCO 3.23

Water Resource Management

BCO 3.24

Water Power Engineering

BCO 3.25


Note :- Section A & B of associate Membership course equaling  to Degree in Civil Engineering